Green Gables International School provides state of the art infrastructure in keeping with the guidelines and recommendations of the Cambridge Board. We provide a warm and genial environment conducive to learning. All the areas in the school have been designed in a child friendly manner. We have ambient, well-appointed class rooms, Junior and Senior libraries, a Science laboratory, computer laboratory, arts and craft studio, music studio, a reading room for story-telling, a theatre and performing arts studio, professional state of the art gymnastics studio, resource rooms for the staff, a dining area with an in-house kitchen, an indoor synthetic play area and an outdoor play area.

Music Studio :

Green Gables Music Library The western music instructor at Green Gables International School is Mr. Clayton Sheehan. He has been a Music teacher for the last 28 years. Music to him is a way of life. Today he runs his own music school called the Virtuoso “school of Music excellence” in Secunderabad and he trains students in various instruments for the Royal schools and the LCM exams. At Green Gables International School we do a substantial amount of Vocal work and our repertoire is varied including songs from musicals, action, folk, pop, humanitarian and on number and rhyme. The children in this school have an intense passion for anything musical, an indication of greater things to come. So, here’s to singing away the joys and sorrows life has to offer.

Gymnastic Studio :

GYMNASTIC STUDIO The Gymnastic Studio is a large space with rubberized flooring, which is equipped with parallel bars, balancing beam, vaulting table, wall bars, crush/safety mat, trampoline, gym mats for floor exercises etc. Gymnastics teaching begins in Upper Kindergarten and continues through the school years. Our Gymnastic coach Mr. Md. Mustafa a NIS (National Institute of Sports certificate course in coaching) graduate is an all India topper from the NSNIS (Neta Subhash National Institute of Sports), from the Sports Authority of India. He is a GFI (Gymnastic Federation of India) National Judge since 2012. Our children are proficient in floor exercises Artistic Gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, Acrobatic gymnastics, Trampolining etc.

Taekwondo :

Taekowondo A martial art with more emphasis on leg movement and a recognized Olympic game Taekwondo is used to train children in self-defense. It increases fitness and flexibility and enhances memory and will power. Our Taekwondo master Mr. M. Raju who is a first Dan in Taekwondo and second Dan in Karate trains children in the Taeks, blocks and attacks through the different levels as they earn their yellow, yellow-1, green, green-1, blue, blue-1, red, red-1, black belt etc.

Arts and Crafts Studio :

ARTS AND CRAFTS STUDIO Our Arts and Craft studio is vibrant place full of colour and creativity. Our students are aware that art is the best form of self-expression and showcase their ideas with skill and ingenuity. Our very able arts and craft teacher Mr Neigel. Paul is qualified with Lower and Upper grade T.T.C (Technical Training Course) and pursued BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts).He helps the children explore different facets of painting through lower and middle school and gets them to specialize in high school. Acrylic glass painting, soft paints on canvas, pastels to study shades of colour, monochrome drawings, charcoal drawings and chalk-piece sculptures which constitute a major part of the work done here are some of the favorites. The children also have pottery classes on special days apart from a variety of crafts to which they are exposed.