Green Gables International School prides itself on the low attrition of its faculty members. There are many senior teachers, who have been with the school since its inception in the year 2000. The faculty members of Green Gables International School havean established culture of imbibing the best of teaching methodologies and applying them across subjects and grades. The school recognizes the kindergarten, primary, middle and high school as separate and that the pedagogical setting required for each of these blocks is distinctive and in accordance with the requirements of each block. In other words, we take care that as our children develop the mental processes of recognizing, recalling, analyzing, applying, understanding and evaluating, we provide the framework needed for each grade.

The teachers integrate prior knowledge with new knowledge and help the children internalize the skills and organize themselves to learn ‘how to learn’.We recognize that as we teach, we do a lot of learning ourselves. We provide the best references to the teachers in the form of books, workshops, technological inputs apart from the committed and ever helpful senior faculty members to guide them. All faculty members at Green Gables International School are required to see that the learning objectives for each class are met with.Consequently, the resource rooms and class rooms are full of innovative and original ideas. Faculty members recognize the need to define long term and short term learning objectives and the class work and different projects undertaken by children showcase this adequately. Our faculty members value their students and believe in a child centric approach and are extremely proud of their achievements. Individuals who aspire to join the faculty of Green Gables International School are required to send their resume to the following email id.

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