About Us

Our Vision

At Green Gables International School, we define ourselves by our strengths. We believe that the uniqueness each child brings to learning is integral to the dynamics of the classroom. We do not hamper a child’s progress by the meaningless expectation of maintaining homogeneity of understanding. Rather, we encourage them to set their own goals. As educators, it is our duty to enable students to explore their potential.


As children learn to compare, contrast, correlate, analyse and synthesise, they construct their own understanding of a concept and help others to see it in a different perspective. We teach our children to respect others as they learn to respect themselves and we strive to be the bedrock of all that is good and wholesome and inculcate lasting values. We at Green Gables International School firmly believe, that next era belongs to conservation, preservation and renewable energy. Hence we provide our children with a green house in which they grow plants and learn about life processes.We also inculcate in them regard for all forms of life and teach them to be responsible members of the society.