yellow-quotes I am mother of Jophia Irene, PP II student. She started her schooling during June, 2012 with a pleasant welcome by Mrs. Jayasree and Mrs. Malathi mam. They reviewed Irene’s progress and gave me the strength to go forward.

When Irene was in PP I, she was nicely trained up for the school atmosphere by both her teachers Mrs. Jayasree and Mrs.Roshell. As this institute is giving comfort to the kids with pleasant atmosphere, Irene was easily adjusted, slowly got interested and soon she started going to school with full of joy. Teaching patterns are very nice. It is helping the children to learn the things easily with real time examples instead of just theory like normal school. With all the masters effort, Irene successfully completed PP I and entered into PP II.

In PP II, I could see Irene’s improvements in many areas like learning new language (like Hindi) in addition to English, Physical activities. Her body became so flexible due to other co curricular activities like karate, Gymnastics.

Way of teaching numbers, additions, subtractions and about animals, birds, other things are very innovative. It helps the kid to understand the things clearly and they started comparing the things in day to day life. It improves their knowledge. I have seen amazing progress in Irene’s understanding, problem solving skills and listening. All the credit goes to her present teachers Mrs. Jayasree mam and Mrs. Roja mam. I found it a comfort as I did not have to worry and think about Irene during school hours. As I am seeing continuous progress, I would like to say “BIG THANKS!” to Green Gables International School. yellow-quotes2

– R.Vaijayanthi (M/o.M.Jophia Irene)
Mail ID : vaijayanthinixon@gmail.com
Mobile: 9000877627.


yellow-quotes “Caring” shown in the School towards the student is “Excellent”.

My daughter has improved a lot compared to Ist, IInd & III terms. She had improved in reading, writing and drawing. The teachers are excellent in giving and sharing the knowledge to the student. They make the children understand and know the subject. Overall the School is “Excellent” yellow-quotes2

– B.Vamsi Krishna B. Sushma (P/o.B.Sri Sesha. Class- I -2014-15)
Email ID : bvk9999@gmail.com / sush.vamsi@gmail.com
Mobile : 9963333799/9963999699.

G. SHAMMITA, CLASS – I -2014-15

yellow-quotes My daughter Shammita has been improving in terms of Bookish & General Knowledge. I would like to see more progress in her communication skills. i.e, she should become more confident and should be able to find it easy to speak English, specially when she interacts with people other than the family members. I know it’s a gradual process but would expect it soon in schools like Green Gables International School where the teachers are well educated and are very good in communication. I like the way the sports are conducted and hope this would continue. There is one thing which we feel is really required, We need to make sure that the child appreciates the value of education and its inherent values. We want her to become an independent learner as sooner or later she needs to prepare for her tests and exams on her own. I personally feel this school would have very good growth in near future, if the standards are maintained as of now. yellow-quotes2

– G.Satish/G.Batritha (P/o. G.Shammita. Class – I -2014-15)
Mail Id : gonakathsatish@gmail.com
Mobile No: 8985088303


yellow-quotes This is to thank the management, teachers and other staff for the support and teaching for Archith Damera. Archith is now fluent in Hindi and English too.

We are happy to be associated with Green Gables from 2001 since my elder son Deepak Vidhur, from first batch. yellow-quotes2

– Satish Damera & Aparajitha Damera (P/o Archith. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mail ID : apara73@yahoo.in
Mobile No: 9985672857

SAHARSH, CLASS – 1 – 2014-15

yellow-quotes Saharsh has improved a lot during this academic year. Could see change in Spellings and Mathematics. He has shown lot of interest in Sports and Games. Satisfied with the performance of Saharsh.yellow-quotes2

– Vishal Vadithala (P/o Saharsh. Class – 1 – 2014-15)
E-mail Id: vishal_vadithala@yahoo.com
Mobile : 9885462277

JANYA, CLASS PP I – 2014-15

yellow-quotes I am Balika, Janya’s mother from PP I. I’m extremely happy with school and the teachers. I am happy with my daughter’s progression and vocabulary. She has become more confident. I am very grateful to Rishika madam and Geeta madam for their wonderful work and support. yellow-quotes2

– Balika (P/o janya, Class: PP I – 2014-15)
Mail Id : balikam@gamil.com
Mobile : 9177623607

RAHUL, CLASS – PP II -2014-15

yellow-quotes Teachers are very good and train the children very well. The ability for self study has improved and we can see Rahul study far better. There is excellent co-operation from teachers and we saw him improve in all activities. We are very satisfied and we found it a very good experience. yellow-quotes2

– G.Gopala Krishna (P/o Rahul. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mail ID : mgopalkrishnan1982@gmail.com
Mobile : 9440936916

PRAGYA, CLASS – PP II -2014-15

yellow-quotes I see lot of improvement in pragya after joining this school. Teachers are co-operative and made both me and pragya comfortable. Since pragya had to stay back after pp I school hours, I had to request for personal care and attention. They took good care of her. Overall I find it good experience keeping my child in this school. yellow-quotes2

– C.Syam Sunder (P/o Pragya. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mail Id: ntudaya@gmail.com
Mobile : 9866194567

TAKUMI, CLASS – PP II -2014-15

yellow-quotes We see a lot of improvement in his language and writing and fine motor skills. Thank you so much. He really enjoys coming to school during the whole semester. He told about school very often and loves to talk about his teachers and classmates. He will continue to study here, and we appreciate all your support and work. yellow-quotes2

– Yosi Isikawa (P/o Takumi. Class – PP II -2014-15)


yellow-quotesWe are very happy for the care and support that you gave for my child. She enjoyed a lot coming to the school because of the teachers. She improved her language a lot. yellow-quotes2

– Siva Prasad (P/o Sriya Class PP II -2014-15)
Mail Id : sivarudraraju@gmail.com
Mobile No: 9866022226


yellow-quotes Aarav likes to come to school. He likes the activities, craft work, painting, playing and other things. We are happy with the teaching, and the teachers, non teaching staff and others. Thanks for your support in Aarav’s education & development. yellow-quotes2

– Sai Ram (P/o Aarav sai. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mobile No:9885900563

ANKIT, CLASS – PP II -2014-15

yellow-quotes We are happy for the care and support of the teachers for my child. Overall the school is good. yellow-quotes2

– V.Vijaya Krishana (P/o Ankit. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mobile : 9494554455


yellow-quotes Tarun Gowrishankar studied PP II. Having moved from Chennai, I was a little apprehensive that he might not be able to cope up with the new environment and people but thanks to the teachers and his classmates. The transition was smooth.

Over the last year, I have noticed good improvement in his English Vocabulary, ability to read and have fun with Math.

Thanks to the school he likes quizzing and he is quizzing us at home all the time!

Even though he won’t be continuing in the school, I wish the school the best of luck! J yellow-quotes2

– A.Gowrishankar (P/o Tarun Gowrishankar. Class – PP II -2014-15)
Mail Id: a.gowrishankar@gmail.com
Mobile : 9618116999.


yellow-quotes Green Gables International School continues to exceed my expectations and earns my highest regard as a fabulous educational option for the parent community. The atmosphere at Green Gables is one of the warmth and excellent acceptance. Combined with loving discipline to let each student know they are valued and important. The professional staff is top-notch and we have to thank them for the amazing progress I have seen in my daughter day after day. It is a remarkable place that one has to experience Green Gables for its unique qualities and abilities to meet the needs of our children.

We were welcomed by school’s director Mrs.Malathi Bhaskar into a wonderful, warm learning environment. She made us feel right at home and I knew immediately that I would be happy to entrust her with my precious daughter. The teacher-student relationship is strong, while it supports the emotional and social growth too. The cheerful Green Gables gives a loving atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for my daughter to practice being independent. It is the perfect happy place to prepare my child’s best future!!!We are grateful for all that Green Gables has done to inspire our daughter to love learning……… yellow-quotes2

– Madhuri Ramesh (M/o.Lalitha Pragna Class VI – 2013-14)
Mail ID : lalitha2madhuri5@gmail.com


yellow-quotes I believe education is as much about helping the child discover the best of their potential as it is about imparting knowledge to them. And in my personal opinion, this school excels at just that kind of education. My child is surrounded by lessons not only on what the curriculum requires but also on self expression, self reliance, self esteem and respect of others. In short, this is a truly wonderful place for my child. yellow-quotes2

– Neelima Duvvuru (M/o Sudarshan Class VI – 2013-14)


yellow-quotes Many schools have a vision for providing a good education for the children, one that nurtures a student’s academic, emotional and physical needs and prepares them for the real world. Given the narrow focus on the academic achievement and test scores in today’s educational climate, few schools are actually able to make that vision a reality. One such school is Green Gables International School where I was happy to see this reality. For children this was a second home and where there was a good bonding and connecting amongst us. There were few children in each grade which very much helped me to give individual attention to each child and thereby making the concepts stronger in their minds. Not only in academic aspects, the multiple intelligences of the children are figured out whether it could be artistic skills, bodily kinesthetic skills, linguistic, musical, mathematical etc make them aware of their talents, guide them and help them to develop their special features. I was happy to be the part of Green Gables International School family for three years and always continue to cherish my time spent at Hansel in the years to come. I wish the school a great and bright future ahead. yellow-quotes2

– Vijaya Lakshmi
Biology Teacher Primary Grades. (An old teacher)
Email ID: vijjisurpam6@yahoo.co.in


yellow-quotes We enrolled our two daughters in Mrs. Malathi’s school in 2002 because children here seemed to be carefree and happy. We were very glad we did because over the years we came to appreciate , respect and join in the enthusiasm , belief and involvement with which she runs her school. She has tremendous faith in her students no matter what age and she provides them with the best educators , infrastructure and equipment.
Students are allowed to speak their minds and give their best to both academic and non – academic activities which has created a group of fine minds, which work well alone, or in a group. One cannot help but notice the family like feeling which prevails in every class and the individual attention every student enjoys. Parents can rest assured that that child will probably be happier in school than any other place and come out a wiser, knowledgeable and responsible individual. yellow-quotes2

– Dr Sangeeta Devarapalli (M/o.Shivani Devarapalli & Rishika Deverapalli (Old Students, belonging to the 1st Batch) )
Email ID: sangsy@gmail.com


yellow-quotes Apart from just academics, if a parent is looking for a school to impart the right skill sets for life, create inquisitiveness and nurture a young mind to put the right questions, this is just the right school. The Last six years of my daughter’s schooling tells a tale. yellow-quotes2

– Dr.Hanu and Anitha rao (P/o.Samhitha Class VI – 2013-14)
Email ID: drchrao@gmail.com
Email ID: anitakovvali@gmail.com


yellow-quotes Cherubs lived up to its tagline the quintessential school before it morphed into Green Gables International School as it is known today. My son Nikhil was one among the happy children who always looked forward to going to school. What more could a parent ask for? At the end of the day he had to be literally dragged out of the sandpit or the playground by his mother to bring him back home. Children were special to Cherubs, now Green Gables International School: they were never scolded nor physically handled a child in any manner. The children obeyed the teachers more out of respect than fear. Everybody was special: nobody played favorites. Even the free students – there were some owing to pecuniary reasons or children with special needs – were treated equally, given due importance and encouraged to participate in activities they excelled in.

There were activities to suit different temperaments. My son learnt to sing and play the musical instrument the Keyboard. Once he played the role of a doctor in the school’s anniversary function. The physical instructor taught them to somersault and to do other acrobatics that the children demonstrated at home with joy. The arts were given equal importance with the subjects and consequently the outdoors were as well equipped for sport as the indoors were for the classrooms. The director conducted story sessions once a week. In the class every child is encouraged to answer the teacher’s questions. The principal or the director would walk in any time and shoot questions on the subject; she would rarely return disappointed. The children were made to go over the subject again and again to keep it on the finger tips. Active, exploratory learning is encouraged as opposed to rote learning. Even today, years later, my son enjoys his studies through learning by doing and understanding. There were always two teachers per class and the student to the teacher ratio was always kept to the minimum. Every child got the attention he or she needed. Extra classes after school hours were provided for slow learners and eventually everybody stood on level ground at the end of the year.

The teachers were very well qualified and according to my son there were three who stood out in the children’s minds: Renita, Swarna and Sarika: the trio that stood like three pillars of the school – a compliment from none other than the director of the school. I was fortunate to have this school for my son. He always spoke with respect and uncommon affection about the school director Mrs. Malathi. I came to know that his adulation was shared by all children without exception.yellow-quotes2

– ANAND BETANABHOTLA (F/o. Akhil Betanabhotla & Nikhil Betanabhotla ( Old Students))


yellow-quotes The best thing about Green Gables International School when I entered was its atmosphere and students enjoying their time in School. For me education is all about Fun while studying and playing hard too. As long as you enjoy your school time one can’t miss his home. Green Gables International School has managed it very well. The Student Teacher Ratio is very good and Teacher is able to dedicate her time to students for their progressive improvement. The activities, play time with good quality education are plus points of the school. As students seem to be too casual at school and for outsiders it may look as if they are not disciplined, I suggested to the Principal that the school could be more stringent with its rules. Also on the suggestion of parents school has begun a single time administration fee rather than separate charges for Annual Day etc.

I am sure Yogita will cherish thetwo years she spent in PP-I and PP-IIand I am sure she will never forget her PP I & II in future. My sincere thanks to the class teachers Roja and Reshika and Dr Jayasree, Pre-Primary Coordinator for looking after Yogita. yellow-quotes2

– Praveen Nowle (F/O Yogitha Nowle PP-II)
email: praveennowle3579@gmail.com


yellow-quotes Another wonderful academic year has come to an end. At this instance we, parents of Ashwath Sanapureddy [he just passed out of PP-II [U.K.G.] would like to take this opportunity to heart fully thank my son’s class teachers and subject teachers viz. Dr. Jayashree madam, Roja madam, Reshika madam for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication towards making every day a happy and eventful one for the children in GREEN GABLES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. As parents; we certainly felt and can vouch for the fact that “Life @ School“ every day was made to be a bundle of joy mixed with lots of fun along with certain challenges for the kids in the SCHOOL; and; that made sure that the PP-II class children were never burdened and looked forward to go over to school; in fact, they were quite enthusiastic. My son; is one who was always looking forward to go to school; to be with his friends; to be part of the teachers group; to be there to enjoy the day while learning on how to start learning and he had his stomach full of information and data to share with us while on the way home and at home too. Some of the noted best things that were observed is about teachers capability to teach about CROCODILE MOUTH i.e. when its mouth is opened to LEFT it is denoted as LESSER THAN and mouth opened to RIGHT it is GREATER than…for the first time…it took a while for us to grasp the beauty of this competent teaching for such youngsters.

Other points to ponder are English Words Dictation, Picture problem solving in Math and English and so on and so forth. Another noteworthy feature is the basic general knowledge learning that happened at this early age which I am quite sure will help them in the long run. Apart from studies; there is this wonderful play area in the school where children are left free to have physical activity; There are other play tools well suited for their age and children are taught Gymnastics, Taekwondo, so that they indulge in Cart wheels, Bridge walking and many more exciting activities.

These were taught by Mustafa Sir and Raju Sir and they are great. Last but not the least is the food; Wow! The management is great to think about the likes and dislikes of children and still couple it with excellently nutritious food. A special note of appreciation is also needed here and that goes to the children helping team who serve the breakfast, lunch, snack and take care of the children to the best of their ability, and the bus drivers and finally the watch man too…all of them need a pat on the back; and at last we are not going to forget Malathi Madam who goes the extra mile with her wonderful movie collection and her day for PP-II kids is Thursday.

Every Thursday is a great day for PP-II kids because there will always be a kids-special movie along with a special snack to enjoy from mommies during/after the movie. Overall my son has enjoyed his schooling very much in Green Gables International School and we stand by the school.

Thanking all and wishing them and my son a wonderful time ahead. Knowledge Speaks, But Wisdom Listens. yellow-quotes2

– Mr Giridhar (F/O Ashwath PP-II, 2013-14)
email: giris9999@yahoo.com
Mobile: 91775 19536


yellow-quotes School is very enterprising and open to having discussions with parents which fosters healthy relationship The syllabus is very good and method of teaching is as good as it gets.. The focus is clearly not on just imposing stuff on kids..rather ensuring that they learn it through activities and other medium which helps a lot… The education is not limited to text books, but habits such as saying thanks and washing hands before having food is very much appreciated. Special thanks to Bhavana and Roja mam..they are awesome and super rocking…I have never worried about my kids for last two years…special mention to Mustafa sir…he is awesome…I personally think that he is the key in encouraging students to do their best during the Gymnastic classes which allows them to enjoy the school… I am going to miss the school and education system… All the best..you guys are doing a great job..please continue.. yellow-quotes2

– Dinesh (F/O Eshaan Priharya, PP-II & Panav, Nursery.2013-14)
Mail Id: bdsc1982@gmail.com


yellow-quotes It’s a three year journey which started in 2011…How the days have passed, I have no clue…Never had any complaints from kids…..because they had to go to school and not me and their comfort and happiness mattered a lot. I had moved from Mumbai….I thought my kids will have to adjust and that I may have to frequently visit the school with problems but it was a cake walk, believe me it was great till date and the activities are a lifeline to kids. They go to school for only that reason. It’s not that they don’t study ….Their teachers are capable enough to get the best out of the children and they enjoy all of it….If school is providing with all best things, kids love to go to school and Green Gables is one such school……. yellow-quotes2

– Harsha Chawla (parent of Tanisha Class-III & Taran, PP-II 2013-14)
Mail Id: harshatanisha@gmail.com


yellow-quotes When our daughter, Chetana, was about two and a half years old we started to look for a school for her. This was in the winter of 2005. We must have visited about ten different schools in our search.

In most places, we encountered what appeared to us as one variety or another of a deeply entrenched ideological predisposition and insensitivity in the approach to instruction. The strong predisposition to treat children as human blanks to be put through aggressive factory type manufacturing processes. An admission assistant at one particular school accused us of wasting half of our daughter’s precious life and how now she would be handicapped because she did not pick up preliminary motor skills at one and half years of age.

We were not particularly well informed in pedagogy. Perhaps all that we were looking for was sensitivity to a child’s personality. But we were determined to find such a place where children are treated with deep sensitivity to their personalities. Fortunately we stumbled upon Hansel School now renamed as Green Gables International School. The school has always been a wonderful place for our child to play, learn and grow up.

Chetana has been in the school for 9 years now. And feels a deep bond with the school, the teachers and her classmates. The nicest thing about the school is the basic philosophy of discovering and expressing harmony in the child’s personality. The formal curriculum is harmoniously integrated with a variety of extra curricular activities. Chetana’s rich and happy experience of growing up in this school is in such contrast to the more rough and mechanized schooling that we received in our own childhoods. yellow-quotes2

– Vidyadhara Buddhiraju. (P/o Chetana.B – VII Class – 2014-15.)
Mail Id : vidya.buddhiraju@gmail.com
Mobile No: 8008800713


yellow-quotes Green Gables is a perfect place for a child to gain knowledge in a stress free environment. Apart from academic excellence, the school inculcates co curricular activities based on students

interest. The school management has visionary thinking and commitment to make the learning fun and collaborative. The highly qualified staff at Green Gables are friendly and encourage the child in such a way, that it instills confidence in students which ultimately any parent is looking for. yellow-quotes2

– Sai Latha Pureti , Vijay Pureti (Parents of Sai Madhurima X class -2013-14
& Sai Srimayi IInd Class 2014-15)